Movement + Location Deluxe Package

Movement + Location Deluxe Package

The complete film plus all the bonus content you've been dreaming of. Cast and crew interviews, bloopers, and the behind-the-scenes story of the making of the film.

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Movement + Location Deluxe Package

6 Videos

  • Movement and Location

    a feature film by Alexis and Bodine Boling

    Kim Getty is an immigrant from 400 years in the future, sent back to modern-day Brooklyn to live out an easier life. She's built a new identity in this time that nearly satisfies: she has a full time job, shares an apartment wit...

  • Interview with actress Catherine Missal

    Cat Missal has acted on Broadway and in Hollywood films. Here she discusses the character of Rachel and how independent films differ from big budget projects.

  • Interview with actor Haile Owusu

    In addition to acting, Haile is a data scientist and theoretical physicist. In this interview, he discusses his character's interest in homeless outreach and the scientific accuracy of how the film depicts time travel.

  • Interview with composer Dan Tepfer

    Dan Tepfer's work for MOVEMENT AND LOCATION won Best Original Score at the 2014 Brooklyn Film Festival. Here he talks about what drew him to the film and why music matters.

  • Interview with assistant director Dan Keezer

    Assistant Director Dan Keezer shares the difficulty of shooting in New York City in February, and how it all comes down to love.

  • Outtakes

    Ridiculous moments set to Imani Coppola's original song for the film, "Don't Skip A Beat."